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Assessment in defense of the insured

In 1996 Niubó Asociados, with more than fifteen years of experience in the appraisal’s treatment of big disasters in account of insurance entities, an exhaustive study was carried out valuing the possibility of offering our professional services to the companies affected by a disaster.

In view of the emptiness that was presenting the Spanish market, Niubó Asociados took the decision to orientate its knowledge to the service of the companies in the moment that they had been affected by a disaster, in order to contribute to the businessman the knowledge acquired in the exercise of the expert's profession during the previous years with the insurance entities.

Assumed the professional challenge of advising the businessmen, is decided not to take part professionally at the expense of the insurance entities in order to support total independence, giving our services with exclusive character to the businessmen. The fact of knowing who is the systematically of performance of the experts contracted by the insurance entities, as well as that of the proper insurance ones, allows us to optimize the works of the appraisal and in consequence to reach the necessary aims that allow to satisfy the economic interests of the company.

Particularly noteworthy work of the firm includes the appraisal of damages suffered to the Government of Catalonia's heritage, and the defence of the interests of the company Asón Inmobiliaria, the owners of the Windsor building in Madrid, which caught fire in February 2005, with an economic magnitude that was not surpassed by any other fire in Spain.


General Director of Niubó Asociados

The appraiser José María Niubó is the founder of the firm Niubó Asociados which has been offering its professional services to companies affected by accidents for more than three decades.

Niubó is an engineer by trade and has a Masters in Valuation of Goods and Appraisal of Damages from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

In addition, he has ample experience in education after teaching in INESE, the College of Industrial Technical Engineers in Barcelona and Granada, he was part of the teaching staff of the Master in Appraisals and Assessments given at the UPM, and he has collaborated with entities like the Lleida Chamber of Commerce and other professional associations.

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