Work methodology

Fire appraiser

  • Preliminary action.

    Visit to the place the accident occurred, meeting with the business owner, analysis of the cover offered by their insurance policy and a proposal regarding professional collaboration from Niubó Asociados.

  • Guide to carry out the appraisal effectively.

    Once the goods that have been insured have been examined, along with the extent of the damage, Niubó Asociados edits the work guide, adding the documents that will be necessary to carry out the appraisal.

  • Analysis of the supporting documents.

    Once the requested documentation been received, Niubó Asociados will proceed with a study with the aim of subsequently informing the business owner whether it is necessary to expand the documentation, as the case may be, based on the cover of the insurance policy contracted.

  • Relationship with the Appraiser appointed by the insurer.

    Niubó Asociados will be the point of contact for the appraisal service appointed by the insurance company, which will allow the management of the insured company to dedicate their time to managing the company in the same manner as before the occurrence of the fire.

  • Compensation proposal.

    Determine the amount of compensation that the business owner could be owed in accordance with the guarantees that appear in the insurance policy that he/she has taken out.

Positive scope of party appointed appraisal carried out by Niubó Asociados

It is possible to reconstruct the company after there has been a fire.

The appraisal management offered by Niubó Asociados, in close collaboration with the business owner, can provide the desired result; the reconstruction of the company, as has been demonstrated by companies that have been expertly advised by Niubó Asociados in this country and have been rebuilt after a fire.

Assessed accidents