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Asset valuation

For some years now, the employer needs to know its equity value at risk, given that in the event of a loss that destroys part of the company’s assets, he needs to have an insurance contract whose coverage reaches the cost of replacement. If that is the case, the owner of the company doesn’t need to resort to external financing in order to face the economic disbursement that represents the restitution of the destroyed fixed assets by a hazard event such as a fire.

NIUBO ASOCIADOS offers asset valuation services that allow employers to manage the economic risks that could arise in the event of a fire.

Having a deep knowledge of the goods owned by a factory, we calculate the equity value providing all the data needed to contract the most suitable insurance policy. Moreover, Niubo Asociados also analyses the theoretical replacement value, value in use and insurance value among other valuation services.

Reports and Expert Opinions

Reports, appraisal’s Acts, destined to the companies, with an analysis and a study of the emitted policies

Determination of the recoverable quantities, in reason to the economic derivative prejudices of:

  • Accidents caused by atmospheric phenomena such as winds, hail, snow, flooding, etc.
  • Defects in construction.
  • General Civil Responsibility.
  • Failure machinery.
  • Loss of Benefits (Dismissed Profit).
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